Air Duct Sealing


When an issue with AC occurs, we somehow get to know, but one of the prominent signs of it is increased hefty bills, and malfunctioning HVAC that just doesn’t seem to do its job. One of our clients’ who goes by the name Anna had recently started noticing the heavy bills and her AC not doing the job efficiently, but not anyone is really going to think that issue is due to air ducts or anything. Like anyone else, she called the local AC technicians to check up on the HVAC unit and they noticed nothing wrong with it.

Stumbling upon one company and technician on another in Sunnyvale, TX area, she finally found Sunnyvale TX Air Duct Cleaning and then she could relate to all the signs we had listed on our site. She immediately called us on 972-910-2413, and our technicians were there in less than half an hour and got the issue sorted immediately. Turned out, she had a clogged air duct system that was also improperly sealed causing all the trouble.

If you can imagine having a clogged pipeline, then imagine the same with your air conditioning system. When your pipes don’t have a free water flow, things would get pretty nasty, so what happens when your AC dryer vents get clogged? The same. No air flow, poor air quality, overheating of the AC, it’d all be a common occurrence.  

How to tell if your air duct is properly sealed?

Sunnyvale TX Air Duct Cleaning Sunnyvale, TX 972-910-2413It is not easy to find the cause for ductwork issues if you don’t have the right equipment for it. Which is exactly why you need the help of experts to check the issue. There are few signs that indicate to leaky ducts and poor insulated ones. Things you need to see are:

  • Increased bills.
  • Are your ducts in garage, basement or any place that’s not easily accessible?
  • Feeling stuffy at your home
  • HVAC taking longer to heat/cool the space
  • The ducts appear to be crushed, twisted or kinked.

In case you notice any of these, then maybe you have got issues to fix in your air ducts.

Air duct leaks - Detection and remedy

It is said that the ductworks, when not installed in the right way can lead to the loss of 20-30% of air moving through the system. The common reasons for air duct issues are as follows:

  • Leaking furnace and filter slot
  • Improperly sealed grills and registers
  • Ductwork has got several bends restricting airflow
  • Disconnected and torn air ducts

Using our modern tools, we can identify the HVAC system’s supply and return air balance, and inspect further to determine the issues therein. Once we know the location of leaks, we will begin to work our way up by sealing the areas. All the unconditioned spaces are insulated and to prevent heat loss and increase efficiency.

Working on projects after project in both residential and commercial spaces, our scope of knowledge has widened and our expertise has maximized over the years. No matter what the issue with your air ducts, leave it to our experts and they’ll take care of it.

Dial 972-910-2413 for duct sealing solutions

If you notice your bills spiking and your air conditioner not doing its job, then chances are for your air ducts to be leaking. Immediately pick you phone and call Sunnyvale TX Air Duct Cleaning on 972-910-2413 if you are resident of Sunnyvale, TX area experiencing this issue!