Air Duct Cleaning


It’s easy to presume that the air quality indoors is better because it is not the homes that have got cars and factories, right? Outdoor air pollution ‘seems’ way higher due to the pollutants, but we couldn’t be more wrong. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average home’s air pollutant levels are in the least 2-5 times higher than of the outdoor levels. So the so-called clean air wafting around your house may not be all that clean when you think about it. Rather the beautiful breeze is filled with ugly contaminants that can cause severe health hazards such as allergens, pollen and bacteria. Air quality is very crucial, and if you want your loved ones to stay protected, then you should really consider fixing your air ducts, because respiratory illnesses are no joke.

And the list of diseases does not end with respiratory illness, rather it is a combination of everything, from lung diseases to going as far as being the cause for cancer. You’ve got enough reasons to clean your air ducts, and do that ever so urgently too!

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Why a dirty air duct means bad news?

  •  Sunnyvale TX Air Duct Cleaning Sunnyvale, TX 972-910-2413It creates an unhygienic environment: HVAC is the happy home for a lot of undesirable contaminants, talk about pollen, dander, allergens and pounds of dust—the ACs have got it all. While these may not seem too risky from the surface, things can get pretty bad as time passes by and can cause severe health hazards. If you’ve got a loved one with asthma at your home, then your neglect towards cleaning the air duct could be causing them a lot of problem. In simple words, the air that wafts from your AC might be ruining the air quality and the same goes to the furniture (the entire house in general). 
  • It hampers the performance of your HVAC system: The HVAC would simply not be able to do its job due to all the debris that has been trapped in there, and thereby it would affect the airflow and air quality. You must know that AC consume a lot of energy, so you know that a dirty air duct is not helping with your bills at all.

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How do we get the job done?

What’s really the big deal about air duct cleaning after all?  It kind of sounds simple, but then again, not everything that we see is how it is. Surprisingly, duct servicing requires quite an amount of expertise and proficiency. This is how we do it:

Inspection: First and foremost, our professionals will perform a basic inspection of the duct system. This is to merely check the amount of dust and debris collected within, and to also mark the access point for easy reach (when the repairing process begins).

Preliminary cleaning: Using special brushes (made specially for duct cleaning), we scrape off and discard all the debris in the ducts.

Vacuum cleaning: The vacuum pumps will then be attached to the duct to suck out all the debris, dust and other contaminants accumulated in there. The thing about applying negative pressure is that rather than recirculating the dust around the house, the tiny particles are completely removed.

Follow-up: The final process after duct cleaning is to ensure the ducts are debris-free and if it is, well your air quality might as well be excellent.

Indoor air quality is highly crucial and it can determine your health condition. Never turn a blind eye to anything that might be affecting the air quality within. If you are a resident of the Sunnyvale, TX area, call Sunnyvale TX Air Duct Cleaning on 972-910-2413 and get the best air duct cleaning/maintenance services!